Austin Creative Headshots

So it’s no secret that I love the Austin area. There are so many beautiful places to visit and shoot at. If you want fields, there are fields. You want hills…Well it’s called Hill Country so, yeah. lol. Need something a bit more up to date and modern. You’re covered! I just love the sights around here.

I haven’t shot too much since moving to the area, but the shoots I’ve done have been nothing but amazing! When Chela contacted me about taking some creative headshots for her, I knew it was going to be awesome. I LOVE ( I say love a lot lol) working with people that have big energy. You can bounce ideas off each other and make it a truly amazing experience. She was so energetic and creative! Not to mention she also recently launched her website Wristwrk where she focuses on “Career development with a side of home cooking” Check it out!!

You want to know the crazy part? She told me she wasn’t the best at posing! Psssssssssh!! She was great!! Just take a moment to admire that melanin glow!

This was an experience I want everyone to be able to have. Fun and simple! Have you thought about taking some updated headshots? Let’s chat and create some!!!