Austin Elopement

SO! Hey guys it’s me Jewell. Happy new year? Let’s face it, I’m terrible with blogging. Each time I post a blog I say that I’ll do better and post more regularly. I have the best intentions when I say that, promise!!

But here’s the thing. I want to create content for everyone! Photographers and non photographers. If you can bear with me a little longer, that will be a change I am willing to commit to for this site and blog.

Now that we have that out the way I’d like to show you some portraits from my first styled shoot. It’s no secret that I love weddings and elopements. I adore the amount of details couples put into their day of love. But one of the biggest issues I’ve come across is the lack of diversity and representation. Soooo what better way to try to fix that than to put together my own styled shoot!

This was my first attempt but definitely not my last. It took a lot of time and effort and frustration but thanks to some awesome people I was able to put it together. For those that want to put together a shoot, but lack the funds or opportunity to use larger venues and vendors, don’t be afraid to check local stores for certain items. That’s exactly what I did and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

Thanks to Sooo Yummy Bakery for the amazing cake and 8one Design Studio for the beautiful invitations!

The table, chairs, plates, and forks came from Premier Events (very affordable!)

Table cloth from Amazon

Dress from Ross, YES ROSS!

Ring Walmart