Woodlands Senior Photography

     Can we take a moment to talk about how handsome/beautiful seniors are these days! I swear it's like they are models!  This senior session was a little different than others. This young man just so happens to be my second oldest nephew. All I could think as I was taking his pictures was "When did you grow up? You're supposed to be a little boy still!" I won't be embarrassing and talk about how he was when he was younger (I will say this kid was my homie *tears*)

I was a little... okay, very giddy when he told me about how he was interested in photography! He'll be graduating from high school this June and like most, I'm sure he can't wait. I was elated to be done with high school... oh how I wish I could go back to those simpler times lol. I'm sure many can relate. I'm trying to keep myself from making this post too chatty so I'll end it right here. Enjoy!