Dallas Photographer Flirty Thirty!

So almost a year ago, my cousin informed me that she was moving to Texas. She and I grew up together back in Indiana and were thick as thieves. Needless to say, I was pretty excited! She moved near the Dallas area which put us about a 3 hour drive apart. I'd take 3 hours over 14 any day!

Back when we were kids, 30 seemed so OLD! By thirty I thought I would be married with several, yes several, kids lol. Now that I'm almost that age it doesn't feel SO old...

My cousin called me up because she wanted to celebrate her birthday with a special shoot, there was no way I could deny such a thing! The wind was absolutely insane! She was the brains and suggested taking pictures with her ballons first. I'm GLAD she said that because one flew off when we got to our other location lol. We traveled throughout the Dallas area and settled on Deep Ellum. If you haven't been to the area I highly suggest going! There's plenty to do with the family as well as for the grown ups. For an artist standpoint it's simply amazing! If you know me you know that I absolutely love Austin. I got Austin vibes with all the street art and colorfully painted buildings. An artist dream!!! While we were at our first location a cop car slowly creeped up. When the officer peeped the ballons he yelled "happy birthday girl!" in the sassiest voice he could lol. He said it again as he drove off over the loud speaker.

My cousin and I always have a good time when we get together and this shoot was no different. Look at how she slayed with the mermaid pants!!! Enjoy!