Playing catch up!

I am so ashamed to admit that I have not blogged since May! Shame on me!! 2017 has been an interesting year, I honestly can't believe that it is almost over. When? How? What's the saying? Time waits for no one? Well there's plenty of truth behind that statement! 

I may not start this year, but I plan to make this blogging a more regular thing. I won't always post about photography. One thing I want the most is for all of my clients, future and past, to get to know me! After all, wouldn't you rather know who is capturing moments that you cherish?

So let's take things back to late May. I had the amazing opportunity to join Brown Girls With A Camera once again but this time in Dallas! It was such a great experience to have. Everyone was welcoming and kind and lots of Black Girl Magic happened!  We worked, we learned, we had a good time! People may wonder why these type of gatherings happen or say that they are excluding others, but let's face it...sometimes-- a lot of the time it's harder for a woman of color photographer. Often times we don't get to see that representation out there. But let me tell you, we are here and we did not come to play games!

Alright so now that I got all of that out, please take the time to enjoy some of this magic that I managed to capture!