The ugly side of photography

About a week ago I logged on my facebook only to receive a message that my photography page would be removed or disabled because of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement? Huh? Apparently a photographer located in TN had gone after many Jewel and Jewel's Photography asking that they change their names because she trademarked Jewel's Photography. Saying that I was confused is putting it lightly! I tried to reach out to her via email and facebook to clear some things up, but she would never respond. After some searching I found a group of very supportive women that were dealing with this problem. I can understand someone wanting to protect their brand, but she really showed me the ugly part of photography. Well it turns out that she owns no right to Jewell Photography (considering my birth name is Jewell) and I am in the clear. It was just an upsetting day that someone would try to have your page deleted and when you politely email them just for clarification, they ignore you. My name will stay the same and she has not deterred me from continuing my pursuit with becoming a full time photographer. If anything she's encouraged me to work even harder. This is only the beginning!

Jewell ArchieComment