BGWAC Meetup

Something my sister always tells me is that, "sometimes you just have to get uncomfortable to actually make some progress". Or something like that lol. Well last year I found a page on Instagram that showcased women of color photographers. I was excited to see this and quickly followed the page. One thing that I've desperately wanted to do was mentor with another photographer, but I didn't have the money. So when I found out that BGWAC ( Brown Girl With A Camera) creator Ruby Melton was having a tour to nine different cities AND Houston was on the list I was too excited! I was a little hesitant to pay at first because you know how it goes when you're trying to wait until payday, but I was reminded that there was no guarantee there would be any spots left by that time.

Well long story short I got uncomfortable and bought my ticket. And I don't regret it not one bit! First, Ruby and all the other photographers were down to earth and just good people to be around. Finally I could talk to others about camera stuff because I know I probably get on my families nerves. Our sponsor was Mocha Kid founder, Christin of Christin Shoots People. What I loved so much about Mocha Kid was the confidence that these young girls had! They WORKED it! Ruby has put in a lot of work with her tour, and it shows. Not only was I able to meet and connect with other photographers and take pictures, but I've found a new community that will encourage and support one another. When you get the chance, please check out Ruby's page (she's also a photographer) as well as Mocha Kid! And before I start chatting any more here are a few pics from the meet up! Enjoy!