Why go with Jewell Photography?

Literally everyone owns a camera these days. There's always that uncle, mom, cousin twice removed, that has a fancy camera. So what's the difference? What separates me from them? First, let me throw this out. It's NOT the camera that takes the picture. Sure, you need this expensive equipment to actually capture something, but there's more to it. I have a deep PASSION for photography. I've always considered myself to be a creative. You could always find me coloring, painting, or creating something. Taking pictures is so much more than making money, not saying I don't need money (baby has to eat!) Photography is about capturing memories that will last a lifetime. Who doesn't love to look at old pictures of their parents in their prime or that perfect moment you said "I do". To me, that's what photography is all about. I would love to be that person to capture those moments for you!