Houston Family Portraits

When I tell you I get excited when a client reaches out to me again for family pictures...honey I get EXCITED! Why? Because I'm getting paid? Nope! 1) because I absolutely love taking pictures and 2) it brings me such joy when someone liked my work enough to use me again! Having pictures taken is such an important thing to have done. I don't say this because I happen to be a photographer, but because it is important to look back at those sweet family moments and pass them down from generation to generation. But let me stop before I go off on a long winded speech lol.

I got ate up by mosquitoes taking these pictures, but it was well worth it! Not only did the kids keep me entertained, but so did mom and dad! I had an absolute blast working with this family again ( I took pictures for them in the beginning of the year as well) and they made capturing genuine moments such a breeze! Just take a look for yourself!